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Brexit has created a buyers’ market in London property

Why you should invest now and buy Southall property

As we draw toward a close in the Brexit debacle (or not, as the case may be), new data has emerged to suggest the buy-to-let market is strengthening in the UK. This is especially true in London, which has regained its position as the major location for buy-to-let investors. In London, Brexit has created a buyers’ market. But where in London should you invest in property?

London is regaining its position as the number one buy-to-let location

As reported in news portal Landlord Today, increasing numbers of buy-to-let investors are seeing now as a good time to buy. The political uncertainty caused by Brexit has caused London house prices to stagnate. In some London boroughs, prices have edged lower. But, with Brexit delayed again, investors are being tempted to buy in London as they take advantage of:

  • Low-interest rates
  • A competitive buy-to-let mortgage market
  • Stagnant house prices
  • Booming tenant demand

This is the conclusion of new data from specialist buy-to-let broker Commercial Trust. It has announced that the number of mortgage applications from investors in London property increased by 4% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the last quarter of 2018. London now accounts for 15.8% of all its business, compared to 14.5% for the South East.

London market is bottoming out

London estate agent Chestertons has noted signs that the London market is bottoming out. It could be that property prices in the capital will soon begin to move higher again. More people are registering as buyers, while fewer new properties are coming into the market. In February, Chestertons announced that since the start of the year it has seen:

  • New buyer registrations increase by 35%
  • Agreed sales increase by 12% year on year
  • The number of new properties coming into the market down by 22% year on year

In addition, average rental yields in the London locations covered by Chestertons stood at 3.2% in December 2018, compared to 3.0% in December 2017. Guy Gittins, Chestertons’ MD, said, “Property values in the capital – particularly in prime locations – have now come down to a level that is proving increasingly attractive to potential buyers,” adding, “It’s not just local buyers who are coming to the market in their droves now, but investors too, who are seeing improved yields and good opportunities.

At the time of writing, 61% of votes cast in a Landlord Today poll believe that now is a good time to buy in London.

Is Southall London’s hottest spot for investment?

In our market research, one location in London keeps pinging on our radar: Southall. This town in the borough of Ealing is undergoing a massive transformation. It’s close to Heathrow, will soon benefit from Crossrail, and is undergoing massive regeneration. It’s a great place to live, and the local population is expected to grow strongly for the next two decades. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think Southall is packed with potential for property investors.

Affordability and capital growth

Southall currently has some of the most affordable property in London. However, things are changing. While property prices across London have been languishing, Southall’s have been soaring. Estate agent Foxtons recently crunched sold property prices from the Land Registry and found that:

  • In December 2017, the average sold price in Southall was £352,030
  • In December 2018, the average sold price in Southall was £397,353
  • Sold prices in Southall increased by 12.9%

When considered on an annual basis, the average sold price in Southall during 2018 was £378,639. This is up by almost 27% since 2015, when the average sold price during the year was £298,518.

According to the UK House Price Index, London’s average house price is £460,000 (February 2019), down from £536,000 in September 2015.

Southall property is outperforming London. The affordability gap is closing. We expect that this trend may continue.

Rental yield

According to, the average rent in Southall is £1,366 per month. This equates to an average rental yield of 4.1%. This is a third higher than the average rental yield across London.

Regeneration and investment

Investment has been flowing into Southall, from public and private sources. It is one of only 33 designated Opportunity Areas in London and boasts one of the capital’s most ambitious brownfield regeneration projects: Southall Waterside.

Over the next 25 years, Berkeley Group is developing a huge site next to the Grand Union Canal. Southall Waterside will provide 3,750 new homes, and deliver a new cinema, shops, a health centre and a primary school. There will be new parks and open spaces, and every home will be within a five-minute cycle ride of a station. The development will provide housing for 10,000 people. With the ONS forecasting that the population of Ealing will increase by 13% (around 46,000) by 2036, the new homes at Southall Waterside will be in high demand.


Southall is a Crossrail destination. When services start running here, Heathrow will be just eight minutes away. Liverpool Street will be only 24 minutes, and Canary Wharf just 31 minutes. Heathrow is set to expand, with another 40,000 new jobs created at the airport. Southall is set to become a major commuter location, within touching distance of three prime employment hubs.

In summary

We’ve been keeping a close eye on London’s property market since the EU referendum. It does seem that the market is bottoming out, and that now could be a window of opportunity to buy at great value for the long term. When considering exactly where to buy, Southall is like a magnet. Our focus keeps getting drawn there. The potential for profit is huge in Southall. But, as property price movement has shown since the referendum, the comparative affordability in Southall has narrowed. We expect that it will continue to do so. Our view is that Southall could provide some of the best returns for property investors who plan to invest in the next few months.

For more information about property investment opportunities in Southall, contact the team at Gladfish today.

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Brett Alegre-Wood

Southall Property

Southall – a professional population that loves renting

5 reasons savvy investors are serious about Southall property

Before investing in property, it pays to measure the potential for your investment. Who are your target tenants? How much demand is there for rental properties? What does the future hold?

In this article, we examine some of Southall’s population statistics – numbers that confirm why savvy property investors are serious about Southall property.

1.    Southall – a young and well-educated population

Everyone knows that the population of the UK is ageing. We are continually told that the public finances will be stretched by the increasing numbers of older people, not working and costing more in housing and healthcare costs. By 2050, the ONS forecasts that one in four of the national population will be over 65 years old.

The average age of the UK’s population has increased by two years to 40 since the late 1990s. In comparison, the average age in Southall is just 35.4 years. Almost 70% of the population in Southall is under the age of 44, and the median age is 33. With almost 50% of the population under 30, there is likely to be a lot of people seeking somewhere to live for many years to come.

Southall’s population is also more highly educated than the national averages. According to the 2011 UK Census, Southall has a lower percentage of residents with one or no GCSEs at grade D or below than the national average.

At the other end of the scale, Southall has a higher-than-national-average of its population with qualifications at NVQ level 4 an above. Not by a small margin, either. 37% of Southall’s residents fall into this highly-educated category, compared with just 27.4% nationally.

2.    Southall – socially affluent and well paid

The residents of Southall are more socially affluent than England’s average when measured by social grade. This is a classification made according to occupation, with households classified by the job of the main income earner. In Southall, we see the following social grade demographic:

Grade Southall England
AB 28.07% 22.96%
C1 30.46% 30.92%
C2 17.65% 20.64%
DE 23.83% 25.49%


Those who are employed in higher and intermediate management positions, administrative, or professional roles tend to receive higher salaries. This is reflected in Southall, where the average weekly wage of residents is £582. While this is lower than the London average, it is higher than the national average.

When Crossrail services start running here, the major employment hubs in London will be within 30 minutes’ travel time. It’s likely that earnings here will move toward the London average as Southall becomes increasingly attractive as a commuter town.

3.    Renting is a lifestyle choice in Southall

Here’s a statistic that makes long-term property investors in Southall very happy – people love renting here. The proportion of households in social rented accommodation (either council owned or housing association owned) is on par with the national average (18.1% vs. 17.7% respectively).

In the private rented sector, the story is very different. In Southall, 26.4% of households rent from buy-to-let landlords. Nationally, this figure is just 15.4%. With PRS renting forecast to increase in popularity in the coming years, there is plenty of potential for investors in Southall property to benefit from the lifestyle choice to rent in Southall – especially with such a young population coming through.

4.    The population is growing in Southall

Southall is in the London borough of Ealing. The ONS has forecast that the borough’s population will increase by more than 13% by 2036, to around 394,000. Ealing is acting to provide housing for its growing population. Regeneration and development are high on the list of its priorities, and Southall heads its list of residential developments.

One of London’s largest and most complex regeneration projects is at Southall Waterside. Here, Berkeley Group will deliver 3,750 new homes over a 25-year timeframe. It’s an exciting project, and unique in its design.

At each stage, it will deliver a fully sustainable community that benefits from new parks, gardens, cycle paths, retail, cafés and bars. There will be a new primary school, too. Every home will be within a five-minute cycle ride to a station. It’s a dream location for young professionals and families.

5.    Property is affordable in Southall, but prices are already rising

The average price of a property in Southall is approximately 38% below London’s average price. This makes it one of the most affordable towns in London. However, property prices here are already rising.

According to estate agency Foxtons, the average sold price in Southall increased by 12.8% in 2018, from £352,030 to £397,354. In comprising this data, Foxtons measured the average of sold prices as registered with the UK Land Registry.

As for rental income, according to the average rental price here is £1,393 per month. Based upon the average sold price, this equates to an average rental yield of 4.2%.

Are you a savvy investor?

The best property investors buy a property where demand is likely to remain strong and grow. Southall has all the population characteristics to support capital growth and sustainable rental yields. Crossrail is likely to make Southall even more attractive to young professionals and families.

A socially affluent and young population appears to be choosing to rent as a lifestyle in Southall. Increasingly, tenants will be hunting out properties that offer modern accommodation with lifestyle options on the doorstep. People want to benefit from a good work/life balance. Developments like Southall Waterside provide exactly this.

For more information about property investment opportunities in Southall, contact the team at Gladfish today.

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Southall Property

Southall – one of London’s safest locations for lifestyle living

The rest of London is getting jealous of Southall

At a time when London is (unfairly) gaining a reputation as a crime capital, people are becoming more concerned about their personal and property safety than ever before. Families want to bring their kids up in a safe area, without the fear of violent crime hanging over them. Young professionals want to enjoy their free time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Southall is a winner in the safety stakes. Crime rates are lower here than most of London’s averages, and in many categories are lower than national averages. And, despite the widespread reports of a shortage of police officers, Southall crime rates are bucking London’s rising trend and falling across many crime categories.

If you want to cycle in London, live in Southall

Cycling is one of London’s favourite activities, but bicycle crime is a problem in most London boroughs. Not in Southall. You are less than half as likely to be a victim of bicycle crime here than you are on average in London. In fact, the occurrence of bicycle crime is only 60% of the national average.

With regeneration projects like Berkeley Group’s ambitious Southall Waterside including cycle paths as a transport option, this statistic is going to please a lot of people who cycle to work. In fact, every property in Southall Waterside is within five minutes of a station – ideal for those who benefit from a Cycle to Work scheme.

Shoplifting and burglary? Less likely in Southall than in the rest of London.

Southall is famous for its markets, gold jewellery stores, sweet shops and fantastic street food. It has the largest Punjabi population outside of India, and the Indian influence shines through around every corner. When Crossrail services start running here, it’s likely that more people will visit to take advantage of the very special atmosphere and some incredible restaurants in the heart of Southall.

The occurrence of shoplifting and theft from the person (for example, pickpocketing) is way below the London average. The shoplifting rate of 4.5 occurrences per 1,000 of population per year is just 70% of the national average and below London’s rate of 5.2 per 1,000 population.

Theft from the person rates is less than a third of the London average, at just 1.8 per 1,000 population per year.

Enjoy a relaxed night out in Southall

When you come home from a hard day at work, it’s good to be able to go out, meet friends, and enjoy a relaxed evening together. There are some great pubs and bars near to Southall station – in North Road, The Broadway, and King Street – and it’s here that you can let your hair down and enjoy life to its fullest in the company of friends.

Antisocial behaviour fell by almost 3% in the year to March 2019. Possession of weapons – at 0.7 per 1,000 population per year – is lower than London’s average and, perhaps surprisingly, lower than the national average. This will also please parents who are concerned about the increase in knife crime in London.

What do people desire from their lifestyle?

Increasingly, people want to benefit from a good work/life balance. They want to be able to get to and from work easily, spend more time with their family and friends, enjoy good food and drink, and exercise regularly in the open air. Southall offers all of this, in a safe and welcoming environment.

When Crossrail services start running, commuters into London will benefit from journey times of between 17 and 31 minutes to the main employment hubs of the West End, the City, and Canary Wharf. Heathrow Airport – where many local residents work – will be less than 10 minutes away.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Minet Park is on the doorstep. This park includes picnic areas, a visitor centre, and miles of footpaths to help explore the waterways, grasslands and hedgerows. There is a children’s play area, and the park offers a full programme of events throughout the year. Cyclists can book Hillingdon cycle track at no charge.

Southall Waterside will connect to Minet Park and will offer its own green access to explore and enjoy, including a new 40-acre park, walking trails and cycle paths. A one-kilometre stretch of the Grand Union Canal is being upgraded as part of the development here.

Whether shopping, relaxing, exercising or sleeping, people deserve to feel safe and welcome where they live. You would be hard pushed to find a safer, more welcoming location than Southall.

For more information about Southall Waterside property, contact the team at Gladfish today.

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Off Plan Property

Using Second Hand Model Analysis to Analyse Off-Plan Projects

The below is quite detailed so forgive me if you are not one for detail….. I’m assuming you are no stranger to detail if you read this to its entirety.

A client of mine who went to property educational seminars previously was shown how to analyse deals……

He has since become a new client of ours and the big change for him is he realised that what he was taught at the seminar was related to second-hand properties (Which isn’t practical for most people’s Lifestyle, current situation and goals). 

There is a big difference in how to analyse a second-hand property deal compared to analysing an off-plan or new build property opportunity.

Analysing an off-plan project in the same way as the second-hand project is comparing apples with oranges, it’s like trying to make an orange juice using apples ……

It just doesn’t work and always leads to people passing on awesome projects that would make money for them, then they look back 2-5 years down the line and say oh I wish I bought in that project way back when.

Having that clarity meant he could see the real opportunity with off-plan projects without any distortions.

Below are some of the differences:

Second-Hand Property Strategy

  1. Find a good Street (in a good area).
  2. Find the worse property in that street and do it up to bring it in line with others in the street.
  3. Make a margin by adding value to the property.
  4. Continue getting normal market growth.

Usually time intensive or suitable for someone looking to be hands on.

Not scalable people doing this usually are not able to change areas as the market changes so they just know 1 or 2 areas which can restrict returns or

  1. Find a good area.
  2. Find a motivated/distressed seller that needs to sell.
  3. Negotiate a below market value deal.
  4. Get normal market growth.

Usually time intensive or suitable for someone looking to be hands on.

Not scalable people doing this usually are not able to change areas as the market changes so they just know 1 or 2 areas which can restrict returns.

From the above, the equation is GOOD Area/Street + DISTRESSED Property/Person + Get a great deal (BMV Numbers from NOW) because it’s a distressed property or individual (Motivated seller).

Second hand model looks at things from perspective on what the NUMBERS look now and based on this get the best deal based on the NOW (BMV) as you can usually only expect normal market growth….unless you are adding some sort of value which requires time, effort, skill, team and also needs to be reflected as part of purchase costs e.t.c

The money is made from when you buy + normal capital growth.

The rental yield based only on today’s numbers.

Because of this equation, information on property sites like Rightmove, Zoopla and on the market are very important in working out the current market price and negotiating the price down from the market.

Off-plan Strategy

  1. Find a regeneration area (Fundamentals strong and fundamentals improving – more money being pumped into the area, population growth e.t.c).
  2. Get in with Cash-rich developers in that area (They are not distressed sellers… want cash-rich developers because they are market makers meaning they can out market others to attract people to their projects and people will buy and pay more for their brand, it’s the way it is and it’s the way it will always will be……Collective market makers with huge marketing budgets move markets in an area).
  3. Negotiate preferential price and or terms.
  4. Benefit from the developer’s price increase strategy.

(From the above you get above normal market returns right up to completion).

  1. Continue to get normal market returns.

Scalable and not restricted to one locality.

Less hassle associated with holding on to new properties.

This is where the Offplan model flips the second-hand model on its head…..(to the benefit of hands-off investors).

The equation looks like this: Distressed Area (Regeneration Area) + Cash Rich Developer (Not motivated but Market Maker) + Numbers based on now, however, the real buying decision is based on where you see the developer taking prices to.

The small money is made from when you buy, the big money is from developer’s price increase before completion + normal market growth (Giving you above normal market growth before completion) + normal capital growth after completion.

Rental yield is from today (however comes completion yields are higher).

Off-plan mainly requires you being able to get in on the ground floor of regeneration of an area, with a cash-rich developer. 

The money is not necessarily made from buying but from the developer’s price increase strategy (Yes we get some discount on purchase) but the mindset is mainly about leveraging of a developer’s price increase strategy so you get above normal market returns before even completion plus higher rents from today.

You have to be able to see a Vision as to where prices will go to in order to move forward as the Big Brand developers are moving their price points upwards through their marketing efforts.

Because the Big Brand developers are always thinking more in terms of price and their marketing efforts – the information on Rightmove, Zoopla and Onthemarket (even though an individual can use them as a guide) however the reality is they are pretty much irrelevant

The big brand developers are not looking on Rightmove, Zoopla or Onthemarket to make their prices, (as Rightmove, Zoopla, Onthemarket can only show you information on Now and the Past)……they look beyond this and look to push their pricing up based on their own marketing efforts in the UK and internationally.

So sometimes we’ll get a project on by a big brand developer and when compared to others on Rightmove you think that’s ridiculous, then 3-5 years further down the line you look at the price for the same development and you look back and think I can’t believe where they have been able to take prices to.

These big brand developers are creating a global demand for the project which helps us, the projects I recommend are part of a bigger regeneration plan which helps support growth and rental demand for investors…….hence the value of a strong brand. 

The way my client put it to me, is the way he now sees it, is that the cash-rich developers are investing huge amounts of money on their businesses on marketing their brand to get people to pay more to buy their properties and by nature, they naturally would want to make the most for themselves. 

So by getting in early with these guys, I get to align myself with their business model and basically allow them to do all the work and I get to keep 100% of the returns.

It’s just the way the system works, you get to choose what system works best for you. Feel free to contact the team at Gladfish today.


Manny Esezobor

Southall Property

Southall property prices to lift off thanks to Crossrail and Heathrow Airport

Infrastructure, regeneration and green space to pump potential for property investors

Southall property is cheaper than its neighbours – Brentford, Greenford and Heston – but this could change soon. Rightmove has predicted that Southall will be one of London’s fastest property price growth areas. Property values and rental prices are set to continue rising here, thanks to the combined effects of Crossrail (aka the Elizabeth line) and Heathrow Airport.

Crossrail boosts rental prices in Southall

Even though Crossrail services have not yet started, and the improvements to Southall’s Crossrail station were delayed for 18 months, rental prices in Southall have been the strongest performer in London. People are renting here in anticipation of the benefits of the Elizabeth line – easier access into London, with Liverpool Street and Canary Wharf just 24 minutes’ and 31 minutes’ travel time respectively.

The average rent along the Elizabeth line has increased at double the rate of the London average during the last six years. According to research from Landbay, the London average rent has increased by a shade more than 8% since 2012, when construction on the Crossrail project started. Along the Crossrail route, the average rent has increased by almost 16.5%.

In Southall, the average rent has increased by more than 38% over the same period – more than twice as fast as the average rent rise along the Crossrail route, and nearly four times faster than the London average.

Landbay’s Rental Price Index (June 2018) published the average rental price in Southall as £1,517, versus £1,098 in January 2012.

Why are rents rising so fast in Southall?

The knowledge that transport links are improving has prompted higher demand for property in the areas immediately surrounding Crossrail stations. But why is the rent rise in Southall so much higher than elsewhere? The answer is more complex than simply pointing to Crossrail.

Regeneration of Brownfield is unlocked by Crossrail

Crossrail coming to Southall has unlocked the potential of its large stock of brownfield land. Developers have realised this, acted, and begun redeveloping swathes of land here.

Near to the station, Merrick Place, a £200 million scheme, will create 575 new homes in four towers. This is set to trigger the regeneration of Southall’s centre for the next 10 years.

However, Merrick Place is dwarfed by the 25-year regeneration of 88 acres of brownfield land that used to house the old gasworks. Southall Waterside will deliver 3,750 new homes. It will provide new parks and green spaces, walkways and cycle paths, and waterside living that is likely to be the most attractive in London. Every home will be within a five-minute cycle ride of a station.

In July last year, Cushman & Wakefield published a study in which they named Southall as one of a handful of untapped London locations where the average property price is under £500,000. Cushman & Wakefield’s Oliver Christy described Southall as being “on the cusp of change”. That change is now happening. Rightmove forecasts that Southall will become one of London’s highest price growth areas, thanks to regeneration.

Heathrow Airport expansion to create thousands of jobs for Southall’s residents

Heathrow Airport looks set to get a third runway, and this will be great news for residents in Southall. Crossrail will slash journey times between Southall and Heathrow Airport to just eight minutes. Heathrow Airport’s expansion will create nearly 40,000 new local jobs. These jobs will include 5,000 new airport apprenticeships – a real boost to employment for young people in the area.

Southall – transforming from brownfield to vibrant green space

Developer Berkeley Group is emphasising community at Southall Waterside. The unique strategy of ‘staged placemaking’ will ensure that communities are created at every phase of development. Green space is central to this, with parks and open areas providing superior outside space for children to play and people to meet and take part in recreational pursuits.

This focus on community and green space near to Crossrail is a truly exciting prospect.

In 2012, Crossrail forecast that property prices near to new stations would increase by 25% more than the average property price increase in central London. Infrastructure improvements and regeneration are key to unlocking this potential.

According to British Pearl, early investors in property within a mile of Crossrail stations saw their investment pile on 66% between 2009 and August 2018 – 15% more than the rest of London. Prices at Woolwich have doubled since 2007, thanks in large part to the regeneration that has taken place because of the infrastructure improvements. Could we see similar happen in Southall in the next five to 10 years?

The potential for profit by investing in Southall property is huge. Heathrow Airport and Crossrail are the infrastructure improvements that could boost property values and rental prices. But this isn’t the end of the story. The Office for National Statistics has done its own research into the effect of nature on property prices. It found that developments that benefit from green space and being close to woodland and parks should expect their property prices to outperform other properties by 2%.

Southall Waterside is near Crossrail. It’s a great location for commuters. It will benefit from the thousands of jobs created at Heathrow Airport. And it is enveloped in green space. The potential speaks for itself.

For more information about Southall Waterside property, contact the team at Gladfish today.

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Property Prices

How can a £100,000 price increase be justified?

For those of us that have been around long enough to participate and see the property market cycle in action in different areas in the UK will think nothing of this.

However, a recent conversation with a new client made me think to share this content.

Client: ‘I’ve been on your database now for over 6 years and due to my personal situation have not really done anything just been watching until now.

I do remember though you launching an off-plan development a while back with 1 beds for about £200,000 and within a year or so, in the same development like for like units were going for over £300,000. How can a developer justify increasing their prices by over £100,000 in such a short period of time?’

Whilst we can debate factors of demand and supply that lead to such price increase within the galloping stage of the property market cycle.

At the appropriate time within the market cycle here is a simple way of understanding from the eyes of a developer how a £100,000 price increase can be justified.

In the eyes of a developer, an owner-occupier buying the 1 bed for £300,000 compared to £200,000 would only need to find £10,000 extra deposit (based on 90% loan to value) and extra £1,500 stamp duty. So in total £11,500 in order to purchase this property at the new price.

From the owner occupier’s perspective if this is a city centre property it would make sense to buy as long as they have the deposit to put down because a property like this if rented could cost £1,200 – £1,400/month, however by buying even based on 4% interest rate (even though currently you can get residential mortgages for 2%), the repayment on the mortgage monthly would only be about £1,195/month on a 35 year term and £1425/month on a 25 year term.

In the eyes of a developer, an investor buying the 1 bed above for £300,000 compared to £200,000 would only need to find £25,000 extra deposit (based on 75% loan to value) and extra £6,500 in stamp duty. So in total £31,500 in order to purchase this property at the new price (assuming, of course, rents stacks up).

This is because the property is bought with leverage and £100,000 price increase is affordable (certainly not by everyone) but certainly by working professionals when you break it down to it’s minuscule.

From the developer’s perspective they know that if they do not incrementally (and sometimes very sharply) increase prices when the market allows them to do so, they will get bitten in the ass down the line because if they intend to stay in business long term, they know they’ll have to go buy more land, pay more contractors e.t.c and guess what, the cost of land is going up as the limited land we have gets used up so the developer has to increase their prices!

An interesting perspective to have if you are an investor looking to use off-plan as a strategy for achieving growth within your portfolio.

As an investors it’s always good to look through things not only from your perspective but also through the lens of a developer (in facts look through the eyes of all the participants within the marketplace), because by doing so you develop a vision that allows you to see beyond the now as this sort of opportunities only comes to those who have the foresight to position themselves well in key locations (In, or easy commute to business hubs) with key developers to capture such price increases before they happen.

Then a few years later as opposed to being like my new client who was watching things happen for years, you can look back and be one of the ones who benefit from this happening.

It’s just the way the system works. You get to choose whether to benefit from it or not.  Feel free to contact the team at Gladfish today.


Manny Esezobor

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